The UNIGE test-bed


The UNIGE test-bed. The testbed comprised of 20 TelosB motes is a fixed network running IPv6/6LoWPAN and COAP protocols. Some motes are used as mobile motes for measuring temperature and humidity in different places of our testbed. Specified scenarios defined in the WP1 have been implemented in the testbed such as: Local adaptation to presence, energy management (partially), electric device monitoring (partially), maintenance control (partially), user centric environment customization and mobile phone ID. The topology of the network is shown in the picture below. With a star symbol is represented a mote which acts as a sensor and with a cross a mote which acts as an actuator connected to an electronic device.

Furthermore, we have added to the testbed two libelium waspmotes with NFC chips, two wasmotes with WiFi antennas and two waspmotes with Bluetooth antennas, together with their expansion boards. Moreover electrical components such as relays, cables, motors, locks have been installed to the testbed, in order to be able to control and monitor electronic devices such as lamps, curtains, fans, heaters etc. The tesbed can be accessed through the internet and a website dedicated for it and also through an android application. Each node can be accessed both separately through their unique IPv6 address and as a group of sensors with the help of a COAP server which is running in the backbone of the system.


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