The MI test-beds


The MI test-beds. A first testbed has been deployed in MI Welcome Centre. For security reasons, MI had to close its Welcome Centre by the end of 2012. MI deployed two additional test beds in its research Lab at the University of Applied Sciences Western Switzerland, as well as in an office space near the UN with a meeting area and several work stations. Those two test beds will be maintained beyond the end of the HOBNET research project and will be used among others by the EAR-IT FP7 research project. The testbeds have enabled MI to assess the technologies developed from an end-user perspective by implementing and testing 10 out of the 12 selected use cases. Here follow a summarized description of the test-bed deployment. More detailed description are available in the respective deliverables.

Sensors deployed at the MI testbed include: CO2, humidity, oil level, appliance status, door opening detection, presence detection, identification, energy consumption, window opening detection, water flow, seismic activity detection, soil moisture, light level, temperature, water leak, fire detection. Actuators deployed include: appliance switch, blind controller, heater controller, light dimmer, watering, electrical lock, air condition control. Other components include: exit lights, multimedia, access points, multiprotocol card, NFC reader, smart phones.


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