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Start Date: June 1, 2010

The main objective of HOBNET is to ease and maximize the use of FIRE platforms by multidisciplinary developers of Future Internet applications focused on automation and energy efficiency for smart/green buildings.

The project's research addresses algorithmic, networking and application development aspects of Future Internet systems of tiny embedded devices: a) an all IPv6/6LoWPAN infrastructure of buildings and how IPv6 can integrate heterogeneous technology (sensors, actuators, mobile devices etc) b) standardization towards a new embedded application protocol for building automation c) novel algorithmic models and scalable solutions for energy efficiency and radiation-awareness, data dissemination, localization and mobility d) rapid development and integration of building management applications e) support for the deployment and monitoring of resulting applications on FIRE test beds.

Key research innovations are experimentally validated at an integrated platform of a large scale smart building proof of concept application, in two buildings of a UN related foundation in Geneva and two existing FIRE test-beds. The buildings act as source of research challenges for smart services like energy optimization, control access, safety, audio/video provision and automatic control. Developed algorithms and technology solutions are tested via deploying large numbers of diverse smart devices at the buildings and FIRE test-beds. These tests will also provide real data traces towards accurate models. A repository of implemented algorithms and a multipurpose building automation demonstration for connecting with external activities is provided.

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HOBNET comics by Serbian artist Marko Somborac


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