CO2 Monitoring


CO2 sensor can adapt the HVAC (Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning) system in order to save energy by not renewing air when the level of CO2 is low enough, and inversely increasing the ventilation if the level of CO2 is too high. This could be particularly interesting for meeting rooms and office spaces. The CO2 sensor values should be made available to a building/HVAC control and monitoring system with the contextual information (room location).

The use case has been implemented and tested at the HEPIA office. The hardware is composed by Advantic MTM-CM3000 motes and Advantic MTS-DS1000 sensors boards. Beyond the Hobnet system, the UDG control and monitoring system has been used to perform the test. The motes implement the 6LoWPAN and the CoAP protocols. We employed a fan controlled by a ZigBee switch; this fan simulated the HVAC system.

The use case has been performed and tested. It is perceived as potentially very useful to save energy, to improve comfort and eventually to improve safety in office spaces.


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