Electric Device Monitoring


The BWSP system should be able to share information on devices which are switched on or off with other HOBNET components, such as UDG. Based on information from the occupancy sensors, electricity signatures, smart grid information and context analysis, electricity supply of devices such as TV and PC which are in sleep mode can be automatically switch off to save energy. The possible interactions should be both push and pull.

The use case was implemented and tested at Valavran and at Champ-Baron. We have used the Hobnet BSWP. This use case is based on the Wattics API and the Episensor energy meter. The measurements of the electricity consumption were realised at Valavran and at Champ-Baron using the energy meter shown in the following picture:

The energy meter measures the electricity consumption on the three phases. The collected data concerning the consumption are sent to the Wattics central server. Finally, the historical values of the electricity consumption and the signature of the largest energy users can be retrieved using the Wattics API. Here an image of the electricity consumption at Valavran measured by the Wattics system:

The electricity consumption at Champ-Baron can also be monitored on the Wattics website.The Wattics system has been integrated to the HOBNET architecture. The devices which consume a lot of electricity can be easily observed with the Wattics module.

The Wattics system permits to measure the energy consumption of the devices which have got a relative large need of electricity, like the professional coffee machine, the dish washer and the oven. With the Wattics system, we have discovered which devices are the most consumers of electricity, which has been highly appreciated from and end-user perspective. It is considered as functionally validated.


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