• The HOBNET "Control Cube" system has been chosen as a finalist in the international innovation contest IPSO Challenge 2013 organized by Internet Protocol for Smart Objects (IPSO) Alliance. The Control Cube acts as a link between conventional technology devices (lights, air-conditioning etc.) and Future Internet networks by combining relevant emerging technologies (e.g. IPv6, CoAP and the IPSO Application Framework) with wireless smart sensors in energy saving applications in buildings. The distinction has been widely disseminated by international press (The Wall Street Journal), major Greek press (To Vima, Kathimerini), Patras local press (Peloponisos, Allagi), Greek web portals (newsit, thebest, dete) and major radio stations and TV channels (Athens 98,4, NET, Skai).
  • HOBNET participates to the 2013 Future Internet Assembly (FIA) event, which is held in Dublin, Ireland on 8th, 9th and 10th May. FIA is a research community driven initiative supported by more than 150 research projects that have recognised the need to strengthen European activities on the Future Internet (FI) to maintain European competitiveness in the global marketplace. In particular, HOBNET participates with its own booth where a well-designed demo is presented to the attendees as part of the Hands-On FIRE exhibition. A HOBNET video taken at the FIA 2013, in Dublin: video.
  • HOBNET participates to the 2013 Second Workshop on ICT for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings, which is held in Patras, Greece on 12th March. HOBNET work is reported together with other relevant research, like from projects EnPROVE, Fiemser, the Community Energy Monitoring System, as well as industrial activities (like Wattics, tictoc, Philips etc).
  • HOBNET participates to the 2012 Patras Innovation Quest (Patras IQ) event, which is held in Patras, Greece on 8th, 9th December. Patras IQ is organized by the Innovation & Technology Transfer Office (ITTO) of University of Patras and Chamber of Achaea, in order to establish a contact between academia and industry in the city of Patras. HOBNET participates with its own booth where a smart room demo is presented to the attendees.
  • HOBNET organizes a Session on "IoT for Energy Efficient Buildings", at the second edition of the IoT Week (IoT Week 2012) that takes place on June 18-22, 2012 in Venice, Italy. The Session includes presentation by several relevant FP7 projects as well as keynote talks.
  • The HOBNET Project was presented at the "Smart IPv6 Building Working Group" Conference that was held Monday May 31st 2010 and the "Innovative Green Building Vision" Conference that was held Tuesday June 1st 2010 at the Geneva International Conference Centre. Both events are organized by Mandat International and the International Cooperation House.


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