• HOBNET is presenting a demo at the "Hands-on FIRE!" session of the Future Internet Assembly, 10-11 May 2012, Aalborg, Denmark.

    Demo description: Summary: This demo showcases that developing a green building monitoring/automation application with the HOBNET architecture is as easy as developing any web-application. More specifically, the demonstration includes remotely connecting to the HOBNET testbed at Patras over the web and remotely interacting with diverse sensors (i.e. luminance, temperature, CO2, CO, etc) and actuators (i.e. controlling lights, curtains, ventilation system, etc). Furthermore, we showcases how one can combine and manage these directly accessible resources into sophisticated smart, green scenarios such as room adaptation to presence, adaptation to weather conditions, emergency evacuation, etc. Live video stream from the testbed is provided via an IP web camera. Background: Up until now, systems developed for building automation applications follow rather simplistic architectures typically consisting of a WSN collecting and storing data to a database. Then custom made tools are developed that provide “real time” feedback by periodically accessing the database. This type of architectures exhibits severe limitations on scalability, portability and ease of maintenance as they highly depend on custom made software that addresses application-specific issues. The HOBNET proposed architecture aims on easing and maximizing the use of FIRE platforms for Future Internet applications on automation and energy efficiency for smart/green buildings. HOBNET introduces a RESTful and fully IPv6/6LoWPAN enabled architecture, thus facilitating seamless connectivity with the Web. Each mote is configured as a webserver with a unique global IP and each sensor is represented as a resource. This way, direct interaction with the system is feasible without any need of middleware.
  • HOBNET (Sotiris Nikoletseas) is giving a presentation on "Experimental performance evaluation of sensor-based networking for energy efficiency in smart buildings" at the FIRE workshop "Measurement and Measurement Tools", at the Future Internet Assembly, 10-11 May 2012, Aalborg, Denmark.

    "This talk presents experimentation methodologies, test-beds and tools developed in the context of the FIRE/HOBNET project for smart/green buildings via IPv6 sensor networking. The problems addressed relate to key distributed computing primitives (such as data propagation, tracking) as well as specialized application commissioning (such as garden watering, CO2 monitoring). Towards better convergence and integration of collected measurements a REST architecture is adopted. Also, for experimental research, repositories of key networking components (reference topologies, traffic patterns, energy models, mobility profiles, protocol families and performance metrics and trade-offs) are developed."
  • HOBNET participates to the 2nd Workshop on ICT for Energy-Efficiency in Buildings, March 30, 2012, a networking event to facilitate synergy and harmonization between the EnPROVE, Energy Warden and FIEMSER projects funded by the European Commission. The workshop is also an opportunity for earlier funded projects to share their experience, achievements and possible pitfalls to avoid. To this end, the workshop features short presentations and panel discussions from several main funded European projects in the topic ICT for Energy Efficiency in Buildings (ICT 4 E2B).


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